A Guide to Buying Excellent Quality Poker Chips

If you’re going to buy poker chip sets, then you must know the kinds of poker chips and the quality. It will help you in making good reputation to your visitors. So, in this article I will discuss some factors that you need to consider here. There are mainly three types of poker chips available in the market – plastic, clay and ceramic.

Plastic poker chips are the least expensive and are easily available around grocery stores or “dollar” stores. In terms of quality, they are extremely light weighted and made of inferior quality plastic. These chips are not recommended though they are not very durable.

ABS plastic is also used in the manufacturing of these sets. ABS plastic is high impact strength plastic. Mostly ABS plastic chips are manufactured with a metal inlay, this adds extra weight and genuine feel of the chips. The use of this material allows more space for defined design than clay composites. They are more durable and provide required strength to poker chips. Generally, they make a “ding” sound when thrown into the pot Cmd368.

Nowadays, companies use a specialized manufacturing process that makes them feel more like a clay composite chip. These chips have a softer, dimmer surface and stack very well. When it comes to longevity and durability, these chips stand first in the queue.

There are no 100% clay chips; they are made of clay composite. In case they made from 100%, they will crack and break instantly. If there is a small proportion of clay, we would say it’s a clay chip. There are different types of clay compositions are being used, which result in poker chips sets with different price range.

The ceramic chips are made of a polymer mixed with some proportion of ceramic. A very strong factor to consider about the ceramic chips is that the image subdued below the surface of the chip will never fade of peel off.

I hope the provided information will assist you in making a good choice when buying poker chip sets.

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